Three Truths

Today’s NaBloPoMo writing prompt is a nice ‘meaty’ and practical question (in my opinion). If I could go back in time and meet my sixteen year old self, what three things would I tell myself?

Well, first of all, there would certainly be more than 3 things to tell myself, but having lived a great deal of my life, made many mistakes, and then to go back and be able to give warning and advice would be awesome….(hey, isn’t this kind of like wishing too??) …..BUT, the problem is, I would be a sixteen year old kid and would not listen, right? Anyway….

At 16, I had  been uprooted from the only life I knew growing up in suburban New Jersey. My parents had just divorced and Mom moved us to Florida to be closer to her parents. I experienced a great deal of culture shock but was basically the same person from New Jersey to Florida….one very lost little girl. I had no dreams, no hopes or goals. I just drifted along and what went on in my life came from the relations I had at school and that was not anything to write home about. I didn’t have any academic aspirations other than making it into the next grade. Maybe one of the things I might tell myself is to stay in school and plan for a career or further education, but….I was scared of doing anything like that. I could not even go and register for school without my big sister holding my hand. I had low grades for reasons that had nothing to do with my capabilities. I often think back on these times and wonder how my life would have been different if I had pursued academics more rigorously, but you know, everything in my life unfolded just the way it was meant to be. I was destined to learn in the school of hard knocks. So the first thing I would tell myself is….you are going to learn things the hard way, but you’re going to make it!!

The second thing that came to mind was all the times I was seeking love and affection from the wrong people for the wrong reasons. How do you tell a sixteen year old girl, who experienced constant rejection from two of the most beloved males in her life, that she is worth so much more than what she has to offer to a mirror or a boy friend? This is where it gets really ugly for me. Let’s just say I don’t want to blame anyone for the hard knocks I had to take before I met my beloved husband. Had I not been thrown away like a piece of trash over and over before Chuck came along, I never would have known what a wonderful blessing he is in my life. So I guess the second thing I might tell myself is that I am going to be loved by a wonderful man.

The third thing I would tell myself is that each child I give birth to is a gift from God. Many times, as a mother of 8 children, I have struggled with thoughts of overwhelming depression when I think of the responsibility of raising so many little replicas of me. In my humanity, the mistakes, the character flaws, the sin nature; all of these things perfectly mirrored in 8 of ME walking around. It is a sobering thought to bring a life into the world. I learned early on what an awesome task it is to teach and mold a child. But I also learned that they don’t always do exactly what you want or intend for them to do and….sometimes….they even do better. So I might tell myself, no matter what you are thinking or feeling concerning your children, they are a gift from God, on loan to teach you about yourself.

1. You are going to make it through by learning the hard way-

2. You are going to be loved by a wonderful man-

3. Your God-given children are to teach you about yourself-

These are the three things that may have helped me just a little. I would not change my course or try to warn myself to do things differently. Hey, I was sixteen and would not have listened anyway, right? I believe everything in my life has happened just the way it was supposed to, no regrets and thankful for so many blessings along the way mixed in with the trials and tribulations. Life is good but God is better.

13 comments on “Three Truths

  1. very nice. I like it.

  2. This is very good thinking. I would also be inclined to let life play out the way it has. If I did have three things, they would be:

    1. Your broken heart has a purpose, it will just be a while before you see it, but you WILL see why you had to go through this.

    2. There is no quick fix for anything, quick fixes just make the situations worse in the long run.

    3. It will be hard to do and you won’t have much time or energy, but spend every second you can enjoying your baby when you get pregnant for the first time. Treat her like she’s already in your arms and cherish every moment, every kick, every movement, she’s a precious life.

  3. So very wise…and true…SO TRUE.

  4. You are a wise lady, Heather. Another wise lady who I knew, my own mother, would tell me during my growing years “you can’t put an old head on young shoulders”.

  5. I’m with WordPress, so where do I find the widget to install it? I can’t work that one out! I’m not the tecky type. :/

    • Go to your dashboard-bottom left under ‘appearance’ you will see widgets. Find blog subscriptions and drag it over to the right. The box should open and drop down so you can fill in the details. Be sure to SAVE what you did and you can find it on your blog if all went well.

      • For some reason, I’m sure only known to WordPress, I don’t have any blog subsciptions widget in my dashboard! I have found a widget on the web and have installed it in the left hand side column, so could you try it out for me?
        I hope it works okay. :/
        If not, it’ll be back to the drawing board for me.

      • I think it has to do with the theme you use. I cannot find ‘binary turf’ on the theme board anymore. Hmmmmm…the theme I use is called ocean mist and it includes subscription widgets. Also, when I am on your page, my dashboard bar does not appear at the top and that is strange. You have some strange format or something. About the rss feed, I am sorry but I do not care to use them. I will just have to check for your new posts through NaBloPoMo.

  6. I’m with you on the rss feed, I don’t like it either! I see so many easy to follow subscription boxes on other peoples blogs and I haven’t found one to download like any I’ve seen. I’ll keep working on it though.

    You could be right about the theme. I’ve been thinking today that I’ll see what else is available. Thank you for checking the site for me.

    I’ve just finished tomorrow’s blog post and will post it in the morning. It’s just after 10.30pm now, so I’m off to bed. Goodnight!

  7. I did it! I finally have an email subscription box on my site. I found it through Feed Burner.

    Hope it works okay. 🙂

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